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Sales, Products, etc

Like every other business, we’ll have a “Black Friday” sale going.  It’ll start this Monday (Nov 23) and extend until the end of the month of November.

The SS-50 computers have been getting most of my attention recently, but the KIM related products are the biggest part of our business (well, after consulting), and I’ve been wanting some new accessories for my KIM, so that’s where I put my efforts recently.  The goal is to load binary files from an SD card, but to make that happen, the KIM needs more ROM and a connector to bring the KIM I/O pins to a connector for the SD card to use.  This will be a two board project, and the first board is a 60K RAM/ROM.  Basically it’s our existing 60K RAM card with a socket for a 27C64 that maps from E000 to FFFF.  The EPROM can be disabled and replaced with RAM.  Prototypes have been ordered and will be assembled/debugged once they arrive.

Zero time has been spent on 6809 FLEX.  Every weekend is busy, but maybe some time can be found this weekend and over the holiday next week.


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FLEX 6809 Loading from SD!

It’s not running FLEX yet, but the bootloader is finally debugged.  One tiny bug (two lines of code) caused me fits, but this week I decided to really dig in, check every line of code, beat up hardware, and finally found the low level problems blocking progress.

The FLEX disk drivers I wrote for the 6800 version should provide a quick starting point for the next step of bringing up FLEX for real.  Once the drivers are assembled, I can use SBUG to load them on top of FLEX in memory, hopefully producing a running system.  Then I port the source code to files on FLEX, assemble the drivers, then use the FLEX commands to build a bootable system.


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Updated MOUNT Utility

I’ve updated the FLEX MOUNT command for working with the mounted drives on the SD Card System.  It now has a command line interface so you can execute most commands without needing to bring up the menu.  It also has a new D command that does a directory of all the DSK format files on the SD card.  This makes it easier when you can’t remember the exact name of a DSK file you want to mount.

The updated source and binary files are in the download section.  The manual has also been updated.

Another documentation update is the addition of a parts list for the SS-50 Motherboard.  Nothing else has changed, but for those who wish to build from a bare board, the parts are now clearly listed in the documentation.