VCF MW Summary, 6800 Progress, etc

Sunday, September 14th, 2014

This is my first year at VCF MW, and it’s been a lot of fun.  Not a huge show, but I think there were more than the 100 that was given as an estimate.  Lots of people running demos, lots of old machines to play with, great technical people to talk with, and still a lot of time for working on things.  I was able to do some coding and people would stop and we’d talk about my project, and I talked to others working on getting something to work.  Tools were loaned, ideas exchanged, and stuff that wasn’t working were put back into working order.

For those who remember the old days of the Trenton Computer Festival, it was very much like that.  A good time, and definitely worth the drive out from NJ.

There were several people here who had a lot of knowledge about SWTPC systems so I got lots of advice, we exchanged files, and will be working on some projects together.  Chris… great to meet you!

I got the SD card program working better… it now loads S19 files directly from SD into the 6800s RAM and can execute them.  The files are still in FAT format, so getting a FLEX driver working is next, but I’ve got some other work that needs to be done once I return home.

The show opens at 10 this morning and runs until 4 but I’ll probably pack and around noon and start the long drive back.


At VCF MW 9.0

Friday, September 12th, 2014

I’m sitting in the lobby of the hotel surrounded by a loud group of people having fun, playing video games on old computers, and talking about vintage systems.  We all did display setups earlier, then went out for dinner, and now it’s just fun time.

If anyone reading this is at VCF MW, stop by my display tomorrow!



6800 CPU Boards Are Ready

Monday, September 1st, 2014

Production quality versions of the 6800 SS-50 CPU boards are ready!  I was away last week but today got the first one built and with one cut, it is up and runing SWTBUG!  There was one minor error that gets fixed with a single cut of a trace.

CPU_S1_1I need a better photo, definitely.

The only thing still outstanding are production grade motherboards, and they should arrive later this week.

The family took a vacation last week, and on the airplane rides I was able to clean up a lot of the Arduino side of the SD card interface.  There are so many things left to do before the VCF MW show so I’m not sure how much more software will be completed before the show.  My goal is to have the complete motherboard, CPU, and serial boards for sale at the show so someone can buy one that Saturday and have lots of time to play with it that evening before returning to the show on Sunday.