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Quiet, but Progress

It’s been about a month since I posted anything, and I wanted to assure everyone I’m still here and doing stuff quietly in the background.

There’s nothing new to announce but I had been re-thinking some ideas for projects and hope to get an experiment underway this weekend dealing with mass storage.

Another fun evening project has been to write a cross assembler with all the features I like to use, with a consistent syntax between processors and the ability to run on every platform I do development on (OS X, Linux, and DOS command line under Windows).


Maybe late  next week I’ll have an early engineering experiment to show of a new product.  It’s quite doable, but the hard part is finding a way to do it easily and inexpensively.  Until last week every approach was difficult to build, required a lot more engineering to get right and would have been much harder for customers to understand and modify to their needs.


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Another Great VCF MW

I got back from Chicago this morning after a great weekend at VCF MW!  Hats off to Jason and the other folks who put the show together again this year.

Here is a photo of our display:


From left to right are a KIM-1 (the Mac Air was the console), a WYSE-30 terminal connected to an SS-50 6800 system and another WYSE-30 connected to an SS-50 6809 system.  The teenagers to the right had a mini PBX with telephones, including a rotary phone… the younger kids were confused by it.  In the background was the sound of modems calling each other.  Right behind my booth was the big 1802 processor crowd with numerous systems on display.

There are four VCFs in the states again: VCF East (NJ), VCF Southest (Georgia), VCF West (California) and VCF Midwest (Illinois).  If you live near one of them, definitely go check them out!  Or, drive halfway across the country to see more than one!


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Weekend Plans… VCF, Commuting

Tonight I pack up the car, then start the drive to VCF MW Thursday evening, planning on arriving at the site by late afternoon Saturday (more than 800 miles in each direction).  If anyone is reading this and is anywhere near Chicago, I’d strongly suggest you head on out… it’s free!  There are lots of great exhibits to see and the people attending are a fun group.  You should have no problem finding our display.

As always, we’ll have VCF pricing on the web site through the end of the month of September but I might not get around to actually updating the web page until out there; things are busy trying to get everything else taken care of.  If you want to place an order, please wait until I announce the VCF prices are set.  Also be aware that I’m usually slow shipping for about a week afterwards, as I have a family life to catch up on.

If you make the show, stop by and say hello!