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KIM-1 60K RAM Boards are Finally Here!

This project has been a long time coming, but finally here!

Is the KIM-1’s default 1K of RAM too small?

Our 4K board still isn’t enough?

Then how about 60K???


This board adds 4K from $0400 to $13FF, then another 56K from $2000 to $FFF7!  Now you can run those really big programs like the FOCAL and full featured BASIC interpreters out there on various web sites.  The memory can be disabled in 8K blocks, but who’d want to disable any of it?  Oh, and with a bit of cutting and jumpering, you can even add another 60K (120K total) to the board 😉

The price is $69.95 and includes the 10 in cable to connect it to our I/O board, but you can wire it to your KIM without the I/O board.


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Vintage Computer Festival 9.1

I’ll be at the Vintage Computer Festival 9.1 on April 5th and 6th displaying a variety of Franklin Computer Corporation products.  Mots of these are from my collection, many acquired from friends and former colleagues.  If you plan on attending and want any Corsham Tech products, I can have them at the festival for pick-up.

Be sure to see the session chaired by Joel Shusterman, founder and first President of Franklin Computer, on Saturday morning!


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Fixing Up the Site

Many people have noted that our website wasn’t working properly, is missing data, and the shopping cart no longer works.  I’m in the process of cleaning the site, removing some of the clutter and getting things working once again.