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Status of SWTPC Clone Project

The initial three board set is making progress:

Serial board: The next engineering version should arrive this week, a couple will be built and sent to beta testers for feedback. These should be 99% or 100% ready to go into real production.  The user manual needs a final review.

Motherboard: It is laid out, waiting for me to order a couple prototypes which might happen later this week or early next.  Parts are already in stock. The user manual has the important information in it but definitely needs some cleaning up.

6800 CPU: Electrical design is done, although I want to do another review and see if a chip or two can be eliminated and also verify no bus signals were missed.  It needs to be breadboarded and checked.  Some of the board layout for pieces that won’t be changing has already been done.  Nothing has been done on the user manual yet.

BTW, I’ve contracted with some companies for logo design and web page updates, so these boards will probably have the new company logo on them.


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VCF MW (Vintage Computing Fest Midwest)

Corsham Technologies will be attending VCF MW, September 13-14, 2014.

The plan is to have a number of our existing products there, as well as production versions of the SWTPC Clone project.  If you are curious about our products and are anywhere near Chicago, find our display there and stop by for a chat.

I plan on bringing at least one of everything we make but let us know if you’re interested in something in particular so I can keep one set aside for you.