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6800 System (SWTPC clone) is working!

This morning I loaded the SWTBUG monitor into EPROM, brough the system up, examined and modified memory and verified the 6800 CPU board, the motherboard, and the serial board were all working nicely together.

It is not ready for sale.  I still have a lot of testing to do, possibly some minor debugging, and then getting production quality PC boards in-house and populating/testing them.  I also want to put BASIC into the extra space in the main EPROM and set the second RAM socket to 0000 so someone can run BASIC programs.

The goal is to have production boards at VCF Midwest September 13-14.  If you want to see and play with one of these systems, that’ll be the first public showing.

Starting tomorrow morning I’ll be gone backpacking for two weeks, so nothing else will get done until August 11th.


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Closed for Vacation July 27th to August 10th

I’m going to be away on vacation, and off the grid completely for two weeks starting this Sunday.  My son, two other adults nine other Boy Scouts and I are heading out to Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico for almost two weeks of backpacking.  For those who know the area, we’ll be hiking a couple of the big mountains, including Baldy, so it’ll be a fun and tiring experience.

There is no internet and almost no cell phone coverage out there so I will be completely off the grid.  Besides, I’m going to see the scenery and have fun with the rest of the Crew, so getting on the net will be low priority anyway.