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Micro SD Card on SS-30 bus

This is a long way from being finished, but I’ve been playing with a parallel interface (see my previous entry) to an Arduno, then using the Arduino SD card interface to make the card’s contents available to the 6800:


The Arduino is at the top, then a serial board, then the parallel board.  The current software has a library on the 6800 side to read files, do directories, etc.  What is still being worked on is the ability to mount a filesystem as a FLEX disk.  Most of the Arduino code is done but I’m busy getting ready for VCF MW and haven’t finished the FLEX drivers yet (partially written).  The low level code for the drivers will be all in the EPROM on the board so the code will be available for other software to interact with the SD card.

I’m cleaning up the code and working on a few minor bugs, but this will definitely be on display at VCF MW.  As time permits, I’ll slowly be working on the code there too.  If there are any FLEX experts there, please stop by so we can talk.

Oh, the blank 6800 CPU and motherboards have shipped but I won’t get them for another week.  Once they arrive, getting some built/tested in time for VCF MW is high priority.


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Yet Another New SS-30 Project

I have a need for a parallel port for a new project, so as a quickie project, built this board:


There’s not much to it, just a PC board, voltage regulator, a 6821 PIA and the I/O pins.  This is kind of like the SWTPC MP-L except that there is no buffering at all.  It also allows either interrupt from the 6821 to be sent to either IRQ or NMI.

This is meant to be the starting point for another project, so it may not make it to “product” status for us.  If you’re interested in either a built board or blank PC board, please let me know.  I’ve got a few of the blank boards left and would be glad to sell one or two.

BTW, note that the 6821 is more than 30 years old – I’ve been collecting chips since the 70s and try to use the old ones in vintage systems.

Does anyone recognize the quote in the middle of the board?  Any real engineer from New Jersey should recognize it!