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New Web Pages Coming

I contracted out for a new web page design and will probably switch over to it during the next few weeks.  It’s more professional looking, focused more on my consulting business… that’s where I make my real money, while the vintage products are more for fun.

Once the switch happens, we’ll be tweaking things for a while.


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6809 Boards Are In and Tested

The 6809 production boards are in and I’ve been running one in the lab for about week now with no problems.  I’ve also switched to the new motherboard that supports both the existing 6800 and the new 6809 CPU cards.

It’s a quiet Sunday morning so I’m taking a break from building boards to focus on documentation for the new boards.

VCF East is just a few weeks away so I’m hustling to build and test boards for the show.  Since there has been so much emphasis on the new boards, I won’t have any cool software to show, but maybe I can pull some stuff off the net to have running at the show.  Before the 6809 was done I spent some time writing a version of Conway’s Life for the 6800 and that was fun to just watch.

Prices have not been set yet.  Boards won’t be for sale until VCF East, then they can be purchased on-line.