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Web Site Outage

Sorry about the outage.  Someone got into my page and left infected files, so my ISP disabled the pages until the repairs were made this afternoon.  They did a complete sweep of the site again and verified it’s clean, and will be doing daily sweeps from now on ($) to keep the site in safe condition.

We are NOT out of business nor suffering bill payment issues!  It’s those @#$% hackers who caused the problem.


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6800 FLEX and Utilities are Working

I can now create a new disk, copy a FLEX.SYS onto it, then LINK it to create a bootable disk, and then boot from it.

It’s good enough to start selling!  Tomorrow I’ll start updating the web pages with lots of details, prices, etc.  There are enough boards to start shipping in small quantities and still have enough to show off at VCF MW next weekend.

6809 FLEX will have to wait until at least Friday; I’ve been neglecting lots of other activities and need to focus on them for a few days.


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Vintage Computer Fest Midwest (VCFMW) is coming up in less than two weeks, and we’ll be there!  If you’re going, please find us.  Last year was my first time at this show and it was well worth the trip.  For those of you who remember the early days of the Trenton Computer Fest (1970s, early 1980s), it had a lot of the same feel.  Not a huge number of people but they were technical and friendly.  Soldering irons were hot and scopes were turned on… now THAT is what a good computer show is about!

If you’re anywhere near Chicago, check it out: VCF MW 10