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Web Pages and Shopping Cart

Okay, the shopping cart is basically set up and should be usable at this point.  All of the individual products are up, but not packages.  Give me another day or two for those.  I will also be adding the Molex connectors used on SS-50 systems.

There are active sale prices good until the end of the month of September (2015), so if there’s something you have an interest in, now is the time to get a better price.

Shipping is free in the US!


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Web Page Work-In-Progress

The old shopping cart never worked well and was giving me security fits, so it was yanked off the site.  In the process of switching to a new shopping cart, a new theme was needed, so the pages are going to look a bit odd for a few days while I get this set up.  The shopping cart is highly integrated so it’ll be easier to place orders for a change.


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VCF MW Success!

My 17 year old son and I drove out to VCF MW over the weekend and had a nice Corsham Tech exhibit set up.  The first system was a 6800 system with the SD drive running FLEX.  A few people had fun loading BASIC from the “disk” and writing demo programs.  The next set-up was a 6809 system.  I was hoping to make more progress with getting FLEX booting on it, but there wasn’t a lot of idle time to work on it, as a lot of old and new friends dropped by to chat.  Finally, the KIM-1 was set up and running.

It was great seeing people at the show, and we plan on going out again next year.