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Working on Background Projects

I’ve been looking forward to doing some 6800 programming for a while, so the last couple of weeks that’s where a lot of my time went.  Created a nice little disassembler, mostly for experimentation.  There are a couple limitations of the FLEX assembler that bother me, such as the short label names, no conditional assembly, and no macros… I’ve been thinking about writing a better assembler.  Over the years I have written quite a few, but usually in C or some other high level language, so this might be more effort than it’s worth.

My son made Eagle Scout last week and we’ve got an Eagle project for another Scout tomorrow, but this weekend I should finally get back to 6809 FLEX.


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More Updates

I’ve been working hard to add documentation and other files to our product pages.  There is a lot more to be added for some, such as the 6809 CPU, but others are complete.

The documentation is also being updated to include a complete parts list to assist people buying bare boards.

BTW, 6809 FLEX is still being worked on, but I’ve got some other higher priority projects and don’t spend as much time as I’d like on other things.