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6809 FLEX Boots from SD Card!!!


Using just the D command, FLEX for the 6809 now boots entirely from the SD card.  All of the SD tools from the 6800 version have been built for 6809 FLEX and work fine, and all files needed to build/install 6809 FLEX are built within 6809 FLEX.  Ie, drivers can be modified all within the target OS.

The system used for development and testing consists of an SS-50 motherboard, the 6809 CPU board, a serial board, a parallel board, and the SD Card System.  Nothing fancy at all.

All I need to do now is put together official boot images (DSK files) and put a complete 6809 system bundle onto the shopping pages.

So, just to make this official: 6809 FLEX now runs entirely on the Corsham Technologies based SS-50/SS-30 cards!


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FLEX 6809 is Running!

FLEX_6809_2It’s not done, but the console and disk drivers for 6809 FLEX are now running on the Corsham Tech 6809 CPU board using our SD Drive System as the disk drives!

It’s been a good day, so I’m going to stop for the night and then start building all the pieces of code necessary to format drives and make bootable disk images all from inside FLEX.


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Reason for Thanks: 6809 FLEX running

Well, partially running!


The drivers are loaded manually from the terminal, then FLEX is started, it asks for the date and time, displays the time and sits at a prompt.  The “C” after the time prompt indicates the disk driver CHECK function was called, so FLEX is doing some interactions with the drivers.

Between helping the family get the big meal ready, I’ll be in the lab trying to get this running all the way.