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New Year Sale!

Starting 12/31/2015 through 1/4/2016, we’ve got a sale going on!

Orders $50.00 to $99.99 get a 5% discount!

Orders $100.00 and over get a 10% discount!

Shipping in the US is still free, so this is a great chance to pick up whatever your significant-other didn’t get you for a holiday present!  We’ve got almost everything in stock, so shipment should be fast!

The discount is applied on the check-out page.


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Extended KIM-1 Monitor and SD Card

I’ve slowly been working on writing an extended KIM-1 monitor program and getting the SD card interface running on it.  Here is the latest version showing the KIM prompt right after a reset, followed by a call to my new monitor at address E000:


All of the commands listed are working.  The L command is handy because a standard Intel HEX format file can be downloaded from the terminal emulator.  The SD Card interface is also working, using the two unused I/O ports on the KIM.  The other end is our standard Arduino based SD card system, exactly the same one used for the 6800 and 6809 versions of FLEX.  No changes are needed to work on the KIM.

This is the adapter for connecting the standard SD Card System to the KIM’s parallel ports using our I/O Card:

KIM_SD - 1

This is the collection of boards.  Upper left is the SD card system, next to it is the RAM/ROM board, below that is the I/O card and the parallel adapter is facing straight up, making it hard to see:

KIM_SD - 4

There was no standard DOS for the KIM, so in the mean time I’m just adding a few commands to do disk directories (example above, being the program Farmer Brown from The First Book of KIM).  Next step is to allow the L command to load from a file on the SD.

The extended monitor is on an EPROM on the new RAM/ROM board and currently consumes a tad over 1.5K of the 8K EPROM, which includes the command interpreter, help, and the SD functions.  Someone could easily put a Tiny BASIC into the EPROM.


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New KIM Board

This is a prototype of a new KIM-1 accessory, a board with 60K RAM and also 8K EPROM.


This is just like our 60K RAM board except that it also adds an option to select an 8K EPROM.  RAM can fill in from 0400 to 13FF, and from 2000 to FFF7, and any of the 8K banks from 2000 and up are individually selectable so it’s possible to disable chunks of RAM if other devices are in upper memory.  The block from E000 to FFFF can be either RAM or EPROM, selectable from the top two switches of the big DIP switch.  The EPROM in the picture has the start of our extended KIM-1 monitor which has some features the KIM was missing.  The small DIP switch selects whether the IRQ, NMI and RESET vectors are retrieved from the KIM ROM or from the EPROM.  Ie, someone could write their interrupt logic so that the KIM ROMs are never used.

The prototypes have one bug, a missing pull-up resistor that I soldered onto the back of the board to get it working.  Once that change was made the board has worked perfectly.

Availability of production boards is unknown at this time.  It depends on whether people show an interest, and in the mean time I’ll be working on software for the EPROM.  If someone really wants one, I do have more prototype boards and can build one.