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VCF East, SS-30 Extenders

I’ve got a lot of family and consulting obligations so board products have been on the back-burner for a few weeks now.

The Vintage Computer Festival East XI is our next show.  This is definitely one of the largest, if not the largest, vintage computer show in the country and is held in New Jersey.  No need to worry about unpleasant encounters with Tony Soprano (he’s a fictional character anyway), New Jersey is actually a nice place and the crowd at VCF E makes the trip worth it.  We’ll have all of our products on display in the commercial area, so if you’re slightly interested in any of them, stop by our booth, sit down, and spend some time checking out our offerings.

Oh, and we always have VCF specials!  Almost everything will be on sale.

On product matters, I finally ordered another batch of the SS-30 bus extenders.  This are used along with our SS-50 motherboards to get all eight SS-30 (I/O) slots.  The SWTPC bus is actually two buses, one being the SS-50 which has 50 pins and is used for the CPU and memory, while the I/O bus has 30 pins.  We should have these at VCF E.


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KIM-1 60K RAM/ROM Board Available

KIM_60K_ROM - 1

The new KIM-1 memory board is finally ready after several months of work and distractions.  This is the super board every KIM owner would have loved to have back in the 1970s.  It’s a combination RAM and EPROM board with a fair amount of flexibility for adding more functionality to your KIM-1!


  • Fills in the KIM’s missing RAM from $0400 to $13FF, giving you 5K from $0000 to $13FF.
  • Has RAM from $2000 to $FFF7, selectable in 8K segments.
  • The top 8K ($E000 to $FFFF) can optionally be replaced with 8K of EPROM on the board (27C64 EPROM).
  • Includes our xKIM extended KIM-1 monitor by default.
  • The xKIM monitor has commands to load hex files, dump and edit memory, a memory test, plus commands to access SD card features from our SD Card System.
  • The extended monitor has vectors to command functions so programs written for it won’t break when new versions are introduced.

The board is now available for immediate shipment.  See the product page for more information.