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Two existing products are having new spins, one already in-house being tested and another due to arrive in a day or two.  As I’m building boards I always accumulate a list of things that should be changed, so each spin of each board has a few improvements over the previous one.

Right now the SD Shield version 4 is waiting for a hardware test and then software updates.  The new card has a couple new features, some of which can be applied to earlier boards.  Later this week I’ll post a photo and discuss what new can be done with it.

The other change is the good ol’ SS-30 Serial board.  This was the very first SWTPC compatible board we made, and while it was rather simple and did its job well, there were two pins left floating that should have been grounded.  I also switched from a MAX232CPE to a MAX233, so a slightly larger chip but four less capacitors.

In the background I’m continuing efforts to automate more processes and get all the code, CAD files and documentation into a remote source code control system.  This afternoon I’m working on makefiles to create the thumb drive image.