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Corsham Technologies is a basement operation founded and run by Bob and Sui (Sue) Applegate in southern New Jersey.  By day, we’re full-time Principal Software Engineers, by evening we’re parents, and at other times we’re busy building projects, writing code and generally enjoying computers.  We have a mix of skills from embedded software engineering, hardware design, Unix programming, network administration and programming, and even some iOS experience.

Bob has been involved with microcomputers since 1976 and his first computer was a KIM-1, which explains why there are add-ons for this vintage machine.  His first job was as a Software Engineer for Franklin Computer, which explains the AKE.  The basement has a few dozen Franklin computers and company promo items.  We are both ham radio operators: K2UT and K2SWA.  Our first ham radio project is waiting for circuit boards to arrive so we can move from the ugly prototype to something better looking.

Another passion has been recreating complete SS-50 based systems.  The KIM-1 was in Bob’s teenage budget, but an SWTPC 6800 system and terminal were not.  Now we’ve gotten to the point where we have fully functional 6800 and 6809 based systems, including a micro-SD based disk drive emulator running the Flex OS.

Currently we’re doing a lot with Arduino based projects, but have done considerable work with PICs and many larger embedded processors.

Bob & Sui


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