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First, we’re watching the TV a lot hoping for the best for Florida.  My family enjoys vacationing each year in Marco Island, which seems to be exactly where Irma is heading.  A number of our friends got out of the state in time so we’re hoping they’ll be able to return home to find little damage.

Next week my son goes to college which means I’ll be pretty much gone all next weekend and most likely doing final preparations this week during the evenings.  There might be little accomplished here for the next week in terms of Corsham Tech projects but I will do my best to answer emails.

VCF Midwest (just west of Chicago) is happening this weekend.  Normally I’d be there but my new full-time job is keeping me busy and I just didn’t want to miss a couple days of work.  Yes, I really enjoy what I do for a full-time job, which is writing embedded software.

KIM Clone status… I spent the last two weeks chasing a “software” problem and the finally realizing last night that my design was right for a 6502 but had a slight error for using a 65C02.  Once the fix was applied the 65C02 worked perfectly.  The design has been updated to accommodate either chip.  My plan is to ship with a 65C02 but all of my code is written for the 6502 so it will work with either chip.  There is one annoying problem that I know how to fix but just didn’t have time yet to address: the FT232RL backfeeds power into the main circuit, and it’ll take a couple more surface mount parts to fix.  The other outstanding hardware problem is that single step doesn’t work; it appears that a single jumper might fix it.

That’s enough for now… there is work to be done!


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