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KIM Clone is Available!

After many months, it’s finally available… in small quantities!  This takes a lot of time to build, and takes a lot of parts that are being ordered, so I’ll probably only be able to build/ship one or two units per week.

Assembled units are available in the shopping area.  These are initially using the rev 1B boards which are fully functional but have some silkscreen errors.  Ie, some of the text printed on the surface is not correct; this has nothing to do with functionality.  I stopped doing serial numbers years ago but have decided to start again.  This is board #3:

The keypad has nice buttons that click when pressed.  Getting custom printed keycaps was out of my price range, so these are standard caps with white/clear printed labels on top.  Getting those buttons labeled is the single most time consuming process to build a board.

The USB interface to the PC is along the top.  Earlier I mentioned silk screen errors, and here is one of them.  Below our URL should be “Version 1B” but it was put on the back side of the circuit board by mistake.

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Hard Drives Fail

Last week my main machine was off-line due to a hard drive failure.  Over the years I’ve had maybe four drives fail, but this one wasn’t at all obvious as to what the problem was.  My plan was to take the machine to the local Apple store for a diagnosis when suddenly I realized what was probably going on and ordered a replacement.  This is the system that does a lot of stuff, both for business and personal use.  For a week my email, spreadsheets and CAD package were off-line.

This is an older iMac, but $400 for a new 1 TB SSD seemed like a better deal than $2000 for a new machine.  The system didn’t seem to be slowing down but it’s noticeably faster with the SSD.

Fortunately, Apple includes a backup program with their systems so it was easy to recover all my data once the new drive was installed.


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Very Busy, but Still Here

As I had noted in an earlier post, I’ve gone back to working full-time again.  Timing was perfect… my new employer was looking for someone with my skills and the work I’m doing there is very technically challenging, which makes it a lot of fun every day.  Much of my career had been in the telecom/datacom field and this new job is an entirely new field that I was aware of but never knew much about.  There is a lot of a new technology to learn while still making extensive use of my background in other fields.  My team is small but they’re all good people and we’re really starting to work together very effectively to get a new product developed.

Okay, enough about my day job, so what’s up at Corsham Tech?

Well, there are still several boards in progress, one of which isn’t a big deal but is handy, and is needed for another big project that has a very successful demo working.  I can’t disclose much more about them right now.

I’m also starting a more ambitious project to fill a recent void in the hobby market but it’s going to be a few months until anything is ready to show.

Corsham Tech is still here and active, just not quite as visible as before.  If you need something, just ask!