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Weekend Plans… VCF, Commuting

Tonight I pack up the car, then start the drive to VCF MW Thursday evening, planning on arriving at the site by late afternoon Saturday (more than 800 miles in each direction).  If anyone is reading this and is anywhere near Chicago, I’d strongly suggest you head on out… it’s free!  There are lots of great exhibits to see and the people attending are a fun group.  You should have no problem finding our display.

As always, we’ll have VCF pricing on the web site through the end of the month of September but I might not get around to actually updating the web page until out there; things are busy trying to get everything else taken care of.  If you want to place an order, please wait until I announce the VCF prices are set.  Also be aware that I’m usually slow shipping for about a week afterwards, as I have a family life to catch up on.

If you make the show, stop by and say hello!


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Corsham Tech Forums

I’m in the process of adding a forum to the site so people can discuss things of common interest and for a way for me to provide better support.  As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, updating web pages isn’t much of a priority for me, so the forums will give me a less formal way to give updates, answer questions, etc.  Some of the good information should also be migrated to web pages.

The main reason for the forums is to keep people with similar projects working more closely.  There are a number of people asking me about OS/9 ports and while I’d like to do the work, I probably won’t, so the forum might help others get a project organized and make progress.

The raw forum code is now on the site but still needs topics organized.  This is not meant to be yet another vintage computer discussion board, as there are plenty already, but is more focused on Corsham Tech products.