My extensive career has provided many opportunities to acquire skills that are in demand and directly applicable to a wide range of problem solving and product delivery.  My focus is to deliver high quality software/hardware solutions to meet or exceed customer expectations.  While my primary skills are software related, I have a very solid understanding of hardware and enjoy working closely with a dedicated hardware team.


Skill Areas

  • C/C++
  • Assembly language (6502, Z80, Intel, PowerPC, 6800, 6809, other legacy 8 bit processors)
  • Performance tuning
  • Device drivers
  • RTOS/OS bring-up
  • RTOS development/internals
  • Multi-core, multi-threaded
  • Linux
  • Linux DTBs
  • Telecom/datacom
  • Agile
  • Test Driven Design
  • Process development/tuning, Quality Assurance programs
  • Arduino shield design and software development
  • Standards body participation
  • Trade shows

Standard Body Work

Past member of PICMG xTCA for Physics Coordinating Committee, Software Working Group.  My experience with the SAF standards and high availability (HA) application development brought real-world experience to the group.



  • Past member of the Conference Advisory Board for the uTCA Summit and ATCA Summit.
  • uTCA Summit 2007: Software Session Chair, and presented “HPI for Dummies”
  • uTCA Summit 2009: Speaker
  • ATCA Summit 2011: Presented “SAF in the DoD World”


Circuit Board Development

I have developed a number of small circuit boards, including processor boards, memory boards, Arduino shields and general interface designs.  If you are interested in having a custom board designed, I can take your ideas, create schematics, produce documentation and have boards fabricated.  Build-up and testing can also be done.

Legacy System Support

Do you have a legacy product that is working in customer sites but needs an update, bug fixes or new features?  With out extensive background in older technologies and a very large documentation collection, we can look at your vintage products and provide a refresh path.  Our software library includes a number of legacy cross assemblers and compilers, so if you have original source code, we can probably produce the original code.

Legacy processors we’ve worked with over the years: 6502, Z80, 8031, 6800, 6809, PIC, etc.


I am almost always available for short-term projects that do not require extensive time at customer sites.

Corsham Technologies is located in Medford, NJ, but travel to other areas is certainly possible.





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