Engineering Experiments

We do experiments to try out ideas and work out the kinks.  If the product seems useful, then we do a real production “spin” and order the parts needed to build them.  This section has the current list of boards that we’ve actually built or have on the drawing board.

Built but Not in Production

Various Stages of Design

  • Super I/O Board for SS-30.  Has multiple serial ports designed to be interrupt driven, and a real-time clock source to generate interrupts for a multi-tasking operating system.
  • SS-50 or SS-30 based 80×24 video board and keyboard interface.  Will probably take PS/2 keyboards.
  • KIM/SYM/AIM motherboard with banked memory support.
  • 1 MB RAM for the above mentioned motherboard.
  • ROM board for the motherboard.
  • Parallel card for the motherboard so an SD Card System can be plugged in.  Couple this with the expanded memory and ROM boards and your KIM can have a DOS.