SS-30 Prototyping Board


Yet another experiment that we needed to develop our own products.  This is meant to allow someone to experiment with building their own SS-30 (I/O) boards.  The two connectors on the left have +5 and ground, while all the SS-30 pins have connectors on the bottom to make it easy to build a circuit with.  Trying to accommodate both the SS-30 and SS-30C busses, this board has labels for both.

If anyone is interested in this, please contact me.  If there’s little/no market then there’s no sense building more than the few we already got blank boards for.  Due to a lack of double-checking, the board pictured above has a bizarre error… all the lettering below the CORSHAM logo is on the back side of the board in a mirror image!  Details, details, details.


The board above works fine for our system since we don’t have a chassis, but didn’t work well in a real SWTPC chassis without removing the back panel.  A new version was laid out that fits entirely in a genuine SWTPC chassis but I’ve yet to order any blank PC boards for it.