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S-100 System (a major distraction)

So back “in the day” when I was first getting started in computers, S-100 machines were awesome displays of power and sophistication (and money).  They were well out of my teenage allowance reach, while a KIM-1 was affordable.  My goal was to eventually build an S-100 machine and get CP/M installed.  It took nearly 35 years, but finally did:

S_100_1Okay, so it’s got some modern stuff like an IDE board, but it’s still S-100 and is definitely running CP/M 🙂


It’s maybe 20 pounds, sucks a lot of power (notice the huge power supply on the right hand side of the chassis) and probably has less memory/processing power than the wireless keyboard on my iMac.

But’s it’s S-100 running CP/M, so it’s definitely got the cool factor going for it.


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New KIM I/O Boards!

After a month, we finally got some nice blank PC boards and built them up.  This has all the features of the old version but also some improvements.  This weekend I’ll update the web page with more details.

These are not good pictures; I’m a software engineer, not a photographer 😉

NewIO_2Some of the changes:

  • Smaller.
  • Power connector is the same type but only three posts.
  • Power-on LED.
  • Standard 1/8th inch connectors for cassette interface.
  • Switch to select between keyboard and TTY mode.

NewIO_1Again, this weekend I’ll update the web page with ordering information on the new board, schematics, manual, etc.