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Finally, the catalog is on-line!

Moving to WordPress was a fair amount of work, but is finally starting to fall into place.  It took some trial/error to find the right plug-ins but now I’m happy with the blogging (much better than the system I was using before) and the shopping cart.

Lots of stuff is still missing, such as manuals, schematics, source code to test tools, etc.  I’ll be dropping that stuff onto the appropriate pages over the weekend.

And a new product.  It’s taking a lot of time getting everything in order but we’re both psyched about what we’ve got and what we’re adding.


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Still working out WordPress issues

WordPress installed easily enough, but now I’m trying to figure out how to add a bunch of features like a shopping cart, payment method, pictures, code snippets, downloads of useful files, etc.

This is a particularly busy week so progress will be very slow.

But the good news is that a new product is done and assembled units are sitting on my bench waiting for pictures and sample code to be added to the web pages.  Another two circuit boards for two new projects should be arriving either late this week or early next.

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Complete re-do of the web pages

The old site was pretty boring and had a number of problems, including poor presentation of products, a not-so-good shopping cart, less than optimal integration with payment systems, a mediocre blog and a few behind the scenes issues.

So, faced with adding more and more plug-ins to the old web page software, it seemed like a good time to search for alternatives.  WordPress.  This is new to us and the pages will probably be going through a lot of awkward changes as we get things moved over.

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