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Post-Holiday News

I hope everyone had a very nice holiday season, although there are still a few days left before New Years Day, then everyone is back to their normal lives once again.  My kids are getting older so Christmas iss not quite as exciting as past years but it was nice having my son home from college, having fun with his sister again.  I definitely ate way too much, as usual.

Over the break I worked on some personal fun projects, like the Tiny BASIC interpreter, which is working quite nicely now.  It will eventually be added to the KIM Clone monitor.

Speaking of the KIM Clone, I now have enough boards in stock that bare boards are being offered for sale.  The “bare” board actually has almost all of the USB serial interface pre-installed and tested, so there are no surface mount components that need to be installed.

A few product is an SS-30 prototyping board shaped to work in both our motherboard as well as a SWTPC chassis.  A picture is needed; I will get it posted later this week.


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