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Now Available: Bare Boards!

They aren’t actually bare, because they come with the surface-mount devices, USB connector, and two capacitors around the USB logic already installed and tested.  Ie, we add those parts, then plug it into a computer in the lab to verify the serial port is recognized.


Corsham Technologies has been selling add-on boards for genuine KIM-1 systems for years, which was spurred on by my experiences with my KIM-1 system back in the 1970s.  Over the years a number of people have asked where to get a KIM, and as we know, the prices for them on popular auction sites is getting higher and higher.  While an original system is fun, most people don’t really care if they’re on a genuine KIM or not; they just want the experience of using one, which is exactly what our KIM Clone provides.


  • Fully KIM-1 software compatible.  We include a modified KIM monitor program that is compatible with the KIM except for no cassette I/O code, and these enhancements:
    • The L command can now load either KIM format or Intel HEX format files.
    • The X command was added to jump to our extended KIM monitor in the upper EEPROM area.
    • Several demonstration programs now reside at 1800 and 1803 (vectors).
  • Nice keypad with labeled key caps.
  • Nice, bright LEDs.
  • No cassette interface; saves EEPROM space for other features.
  • Convenient power jack for +8 VDC supply.
  • Power switch.
  • USB serial port on-board; just plug a cable from the KIM Clone to your computer.  USB power taken from USB port so that the device won’t go away when the KIM Clone is powered off.
  • 5K RAM from 0000 to 13FF (KIM only had 0000 to 003FF).
  • RAM from 2000 to FFF7.
  • Top 8K of RAM can be turned off and an EEPROM can occupy E000 to FFFF.
  • Interrupt vectors can go to either the KIM monitor or the extended EEPROM.
  • Interface port for plugging in a Corsham Tech SD Card System (supported in monitor EEPROM).
  • Includes an extended EEPROM monitor.
  • Comes with a 6502 but the end-user can replace it with a 65C02.
  • No exotic parts; almost every IC on the board dates back to the 1970s except for the large memory devices and the USB interface.

Extended EEPROM

A jumper selects whether the memory region from E000 to FFFF acts as RAM or EEPROM.  If a user selects EEPROM, what can go there?  Well, here are some ideas:

  • Corsham Tech’s extended KIM Monitor (we provide this on the EEPROM included).
  • Favorite programs, such as some games from The First Book of KIM.
  • A Tiny Basic interpreter, such as Tom Pittman’s.
  • Maybe even parts of a floating point interpretive language, such as Microsoft BASIC.
  • Your own favorite programs you wrote for the KIM.

What is Included

  • A completely assembled and tested KIM Clone board.
  • A plug-in power supply that can operate from 90 to 240 VAC.
  • USB cable for plugged into your PC or other system.

Things you do NOT Need!

People have included other things on their KIM Clone orders, so we want to make it clear that the KIM Clone does not need our KIM I/O Board nor the RAM/ROM Board.  If you order those, I’ll send an email to clarify if you want them for a real KIM or it was just an error.


Assembled boards and “bare” boards are are available now, usually from stock.

This is, by far, the complex project we’ve built and it includes many parts not used in other products.  I do have an “assembly line” to build boards in small batches, but each one still takes a lot of time.  Because of this, the availability is limited.  My goal is to produce several a week, but depending on the number of orders, there might be a several week delay between ordering and receiving your unit.



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