We definitely do shows each year.  Initially it was just VCF East (about an hour drive), then we added VCF MW (12+ hours drive) and in 2017 the plan is to also hit VCF SE (another 12+ hour drive).  If there are other shows we should be attending, please let me know.  West Coast is too far… it’s not practical to ship all of our displays for a two-day show.


Planned shows:

  • April 1-2, VCF East in NJ
  • Late April, VCF Southeast in GA
  • September, VCF Midwest near Chicago



VCF East

VCF East is held in NJ, about an hour from our shop, so we go every year.

My wife made the CORSHAM banner for me.

No doubt about the date… tax day!  You can see the date in the first line of the display:

I almost always have a McDonald’s large diet Coke (“LDC” for short) and a voltmeter handy for shows:

VCF Midwest

Corsham Tech was almost exactly in the middle of the show, so there was a lot of activity.  I took this early before many people were present.  VCF MW tends to be a night-time crowd, so I’m asleep long before many participants are done for the evening.  However, I’m up for hours before almost everyone else 😉


I took pictures of a lot of the other exhibits but not mine?


VCF Midwest

The first showing of the SWTPC 6800 clone.  Notice the crude hand-written description:

I only had the KIM-1 boards and the 6800 clone, but the SD card subsystem wasn’t done yet and wasn’t here.  A lot of people were saying they liked the system but it needed a disk, and a 6809 would be better.  The SD card system was done in about a month, and the 6809 was started.

Technically, I was showing some Franklin Computer products.  From left to right are the CX, the fancy carrying case, and ACE-100 serial number 100001 (might have the wrong number of zeros), which was the lowest serial number machine produced.