Using Hyperterm with KIM

The first step is to convert from the KIM’s 20 ma current loop to normal RS-232 levels, but you can get that from our I/O Expander 😉

Even though I use an iMac for most of my work, we have a PC down in the workshop running XP that gets connected to the KIM.  Windows includes Hyperterm, which works quite well as a terminal with the KIM.  The KIM is doing all the UART work in software, bangin’ bits to make it all work.

Here are the settings I use:

  • 2400 baud (4800 works, 9600 is pushing it)
  • 8 stop bits
  • 2 stop bits – Note this is unusual!  Most systems use one, but KIM needs two.
  • No parity
  • No flow control

To get your KIM talking, press the reset, then press backspace or RETURN on the Hyperterm keyboard.  That sends the right zero/one bit transitions for the KIM to measure the length of a bit and then start talking.


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