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UPS was Kind to Me Today

A box containing 250 of the Molex connectors arrived today so now I’ll be populating lots of SS-50 boards again.  They arrive in trays of 56 connectors, two of which are here:

Speaking of rebuilding my inventory, I’ll have a lot of items for show/sale at Vintage Computer Festival East in New Jersey, May 18-20.  There are a few vintage computer festivals around the country, but the one in NJ is definitely big compared to the rest.  Besides being a great time to see and use our products, there are dozens of excellent displays of vintage computer systems, so it’s a great chance to see a lot of the systems you missed or couldn’t afford at the time.

I’ve been using github to hold most of the engineering documents for our products, including CAD files, source code, documentation, etc.  In the near future I’m going to start making some of the projects public, particularly the source code to the SD shield, our extensions to SBUG, xSWTBUG, the KIM Clone monitor, etc.  Customers have noted that some of the code on the thumb drive is older than what’s actually shipped with products so it makes sense to just put the code in public git repositories so the latest is always available.  I’m also hoping others will pick up the code and do more with it.  Despite my enthusiasm to write code, design hardware and produce a few dozen products, I also have a day job, family, and sometimes need some down-time to play with other interests.  Having the code public means others can free access to it and can put their extensions on-line for others.

This weekend I’m helping my wife with a STEM weekend at a local Girl Scout camp so the soldering iron will be turned off most of Saturday.


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