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Happy New Year and Updates

I’d like to wish everyone an excellent 2017!  Don’t party too hard tonight 😉

An almost four year consulting job ended yesterday so for now I’m 100% focused on Corsham Tech.  This weekend I should be sending files for three new boards and a re-spin of an existing board to the PC board house for production.  These are all KIM related, but once they’re off for manufacturing I’ll be getting back to some software projects again.  Look for news on the boards in about two weeks.  The goal is always to have the first spin be perfect, but sometimes design errors don’t become clear until a real board is being tested.


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Getting Rollin’ Again

It’s been a very busy few months here, not leaving much time for Corsham Tech development work to get done.  Major house construction, getting our son’s college applications going, a very ill sibling, and winding down a long-term consulting contract have all kept me quite busy every free minute.

There are no new product announcements yet, but I’ve been working on a new KIM product with a fellow who has a very nice KIM-1 system but was looking for something a bit different than my current line of boards.

An old product idea has captured my imagination again, hopefully turning out a lot better than my first attempt.  It’s more SWTPC related but can be used with just about any system.

Okay, it’s a Friday night and time to get back to laying out a new circuit board 🙂